Lucky people meet their perfect partners, achieve their lifelong ambitions, find fulfilling careers, and live happy and meaningful lives.


Their success is not due to them working especially hard, being amazingly talented or exceptionally intelligent. Instead, they appear to have an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time and enjoy more than their fair share of lucky breaks.


I'm Sallie Crawley, and my workshop is based on and describes the first scientific study into why lucky people live such charmed lives and offers ideas for how you can enhance your own good fortune.


Creating luckier lives 


In this workshop, you will learn about the principals that were discovered by Dr Richard Wiseman in his extensive research. He found that there were four principles that made the most difference in people that thought they lived lucky lives. There are the principles, to find out more add your name to the waitlist below.


Principle one: Maximise your chance opportunities

You'll learn how lucky people create, notice and act upon the chance opportunities in their life.
Principle two: Listen to your lucky hunches
You'll find out how lucky people make successful decisions by using their intuition and gut feelings.
Principle three: Expect good fortune
You'll discover that lucky people's expectations about the future help them fulfil their dreams and ambitions.
Principle four: Turn your bad luck into good
You'll understand the tactics that lucky people use to transform their bad luck into good fortune. 


And there is more ......

You'll hear about people that are lucky and unlucky and their lives. There will be exercises for you to complete. You'll get quick quizzes to help you identify where you see yourself on the luck scale. You'll get your very own Luck Journal for you to complete the exercises and quizzes. It will help to track the success and changes in your life. 


Plus ...... 

You'll also get a membership to a facebook Luck Community, it's there for accountability, advice and support.


Learning to be lucky


You have two options available to help you improve your luck. 

  • Option a)  1-day in-person group workshop 
  • Option b)  4-week digital online workshop

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I will be in touch with more details once I have set the dates for 2020. 


Important: This course is not endorsed by Dr Richard Wiseman.


↓ Alumni students from the last face2face workshop 

And there's more .....

Indian Head Massage

Take some time for yourself to relax and take it easy!

An Indian head massage is not just about the head. The massage involves the head, face, upper back, shoulders, arms and hands

  • Enjoyed by men and women
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Eases headaches and neck pain
  • Calms and relaxes
  • Helps relieve sleeplessness

"This was my first ever massage and it was definitely worth the wait. An incredibly relaxing experience and days later I'm still feeling the benefits. The soothing music and scented oils combined to create a wonderful atmosphere."

Gregor from Cambridge

If you are local to Cambridgeshire and you want to find out more visit Feel Good Now! 

Hypnotherapy, NLP & Life Coaching

Have you experienced a life-changing event? Is your world turned upside down?

Is this you?

  • You don't accept what's happened. You don't understand how you will deal with it. You're not sure about the situation, yourself or what is possible. You know things have changed but it's just not fair.
  • You're so tired out, physically and emotionally exhausted. You just can't be bothered, what's the point in anything.
  • You find yourself asking ‘why me’. There's no hope, it will never change, so what about the future.
  • There is no reason to get out of bed. Can't be bothered to take care of yourself. No vision for the future. No motivation.
  • Feelings of anxiety, fear or panic. Wanting to forget about everything and just get through the day. Not wanting to do anything or try anything new.
  • Being lost, not knowing what to do first. Trying everything and hoping something will work or miraculously go back to how it was before.

Life-altering experiences can be positive or negative. They can be of your own design or out of your control. No matter if the change is good or bad; it’s your reaction and perception, the effect on your thoughts, feelings and behaviours that can be very different from what you might have expected. Your life will never be the same but you can create how you think, feel and react regardless of the change. You can love life, live life and create your life in your unique way.


For free downloads, digital workshops and in-person sessions visit Feel Good Now. You'll find many ways we can work together and articles that may interest you.